September 13, 2008

Why and Whatnot

Since we have been discussing scare mails and forwarded materials, I decided to share with you that I finally finished "The Golden Compass" and the other three that accompany it, "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman. I LOVED IT! And I am now experiencing "empty arm" syndrome as the hefty compilation was my baby ALL summer long.

Everyone at my son's soccer games, and any other function where there may have been a lag in the festivities, would share how much they loved it and then jeer me for being a bit too dedicated by dragging it everywhere I went! But it became my little fantasy world after a while. Lyra and Will, Pan and the gang! I MISS them!

Initially I ordered it as a challenge to my inner rebel. The book was banned from my son's school (HELLO? We just had a discussion on the Blog Catalog about "censorship")and it was forbidden that they go see the movie. To add to all of that, I began receiving a barrage of emails last year during the movie's release urging a boycott. I had to judge for myself and boy am I glad that I did!

The urging was because allegedly the book is about killing GOD...FALSE!

I won't be a spoiler, but it is a fantasy first and foremost ~ and any age can determine that. Secondly, you can see that the author, Philip Pullman, was deeply influenced by many of the questions of our existence and funnelled them into a wild and fantastical vision of adventure and illusion and loyalty.

SO, the moral of this story is always decide for yourself. I would have missed out on a great piece of literature if I had fallen into the foray.

BUT now that I am having this awful withdrawal...WHAT in the world will I read next???

"The Lost German Slave Girl", by John Bailey! A story about my beloved New Orleans. Thanks for the referral K.R.!!! (wink, wink)

I welcome any other suggestions as well ~ looks like we are in for a long, wet, rainy season!!

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