September 28, 2008

LET the sun shine in!

Well, I must say that with the facts and suggestions that Tamera shared with us and the beautiful weather, I have just been SO happy!!!

I mean, who wouldn't want to be happy if you were on a beach, reading, watching the kids and the dogs play in balmy weather?

If we can just cling to the simple and wondrous things in our world, and find a bit of joy and happiness on this planet, things will be just fine!

I was becoming a bit worked up about Sarah Palin, I must admit. I mean how dare a woman not trust another women to make her own choices about her reproductive organs! But I just breathe! OPEN up my ribcage and bring it ALL in and then PUSH it ALL OUT!

So in thinking about ways to keep us at our highest performing levels ~ I must remind us all to eat a healthy diet during bouts of stress, keep hydrated with water and optimum drinks and hold our heads up when taking our deep breaths.


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