July 23, 2008


Be sure to check out CNN ~ BLACK IN AMERICA! Tonight Soledad O'Brien will be focusing on women, their families and the issues they confront.

I happened to catch Soledad O'Brien as she was moderating the Essence forum that kicked off BLACK IN AMERICA on CNN. As I watched I experienced a hopefullness. As we endure these labor pains as a country, we will push forth harmony and progress.

This country is "apologizing" in its own way for its mistreatment of masses of ethnicities in its desire to dominate and conquer. And now that we are all here, it is increasingly becoming a nurturing climate. It has really become possible for us to listen, learn from each other and embrace each other.

Growing up there were so many portions of Black History that were omitted, villainized or overlooked in the education process. Now that we have the Internet, I can learn about all of the magnificent accomplishments we have made. I love reading about the contributions we have given and I am proud of the fact that we can learn together as a nation and as a world family!

Enjoy this day and be sure to catch this important series on CNN ~ TONIGHT!

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