June 4, 2008

When doves cry

I need to apologize before I begin. Quite a few of my posts lately have been related to when I cry! And no I am not whimpy, and constantly snithering, but here's another!

I read a brief synopsis of Angelina Jolie's July 2008 Vanity spread.

Not one for gossip, I try to read from pieces where there is integrity. Not judgement calls, or morality pushing or even opinion as much, but just telling a story. So that it is what it is, and it can be appreciated.

Because I hate taking things out of context, but I wanted to stay with the emotion, I am commenting before the article comes out. I believe the issue is due to hit the stands later this month, so this is no analysis. The tears came after reading a quote where she expounded on raising her and Brad Pitt's kids.

There is a whole methodology that I completely embrace. Jolie spoke about a book shelf in her home that Brad gave her. It carries books from all religions and they read from them as a family. It is their hope that the children will pick up from this exposure what she and Pitt hoped to have when they were kids. She went on to say that while they were curious of the world, they were unable to explore this curiosity until their adult life. So fostering an appreciation for thought and introspection and the variety in life is very important to them as they raise their family. She shared that they talk to their kids until they are "probably annoyed". That struck a chord in me. This being my opinion, but people feel valued when you take the time to listen and exchange with them. Even little people. There is also a difference in talking to and talking at. When speaking to the people I love and appreciate, I like to exchange ideas, converse and spread what I have gotten out of life, and then listening and encouraging what young minds think about, and for themselves. Encouraging free expression, validating and providing a safe secure environment is so important to forging peace and acceptance in our world.

The other side to that is that multiculturalism is a beautiful thing. This world is SO much bigger than what you or I see everyday. There is a whole world out there! Complex and different. Exasperating and sublime. And sometime it just make me cry in awe at how, when in perfect synchronicity, it whirls and hums and brings peace and joy even as things fall apart.


Pentad said...

You are so correct in that last paragraph!

Houseonahill.org said...

Thanks and be sure to enjoy the day!

SSB said...

I am hearing you. I think it's important to teach diversity in all things. I thank God every day for my mom. I'm going to say this even though it's slightly durrogatory. I grew up in house where my dad would reprimand me from drinking from a water fountain after an African American. My mom, thank God for her, told me to ignore him he's an ignorant idiot. That in the end everyone is the same no matter the color of their skin, what they believe in, or what they wear. My mom isn't perfect but she tries her best to keep us in the right direction.

Houseonahill.org said...

Hey, sounds like you do have a pretty perfect mom!

Perfect in the ways that count.