June 21, 2008

Eeee Eyye Eeee Eyye Owww!

Media Credit: Photo courtesty of Chris Curtis

The tainting of our food has taken on a life of its own. I wonder if any folks over 50 have ever heard of such mass illnesses and problems with our food. I don't even like to eat any more.

My family are HUGE tomato eaters. We were frequent spinach eaters too. Now we only consume what our farmers send us.

These constant scares have led me to join the USDA updates via email. Or frequently check the info here.

I unfortunately can not keep up with how we are being poisoned! I ignore them now.

Buying from local farmers has helped. We purchase as much of our food as possible from FreshPicks, but if you have the taste for anything exotic what do you do?

Now I am all for moving beyond kosher and halal and am opting for just plain starvation. It is the answer to squelching disease, purifying your body and losing weight! SERIOUSLY!

You won't be exposed to pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, SPLENDA ( whatever that is), High fructose Corn Syrup (enemy number one), cow poo floating undetected in irrigating water and/or the numerous hosts of other BAD things and their related bad things.

Grains and nuts, lettuce, soy, and grain bread that is TRULY sugar free have been my staples as of late.

Then came the mid-west floods. Not one to fall into biblical damnation or apocalyptic serenades, I really did wonder this week: "Is God trying to tell us something??"

I will continue to support my local farmers who remain. I will pray that everyone give to the Red Cross to help all of our brethren across the world who have suffered in all of these calamities, I will pray for our health and pray that we all wake up and realize, no one is going to help us if we do not help ourselves.

Get active. Write your legislators, or give them a call. Save our lives ~ Our infrastructure and our food and our health demand it!

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