April 11, 2008

Sox and T-shirts ~

FOX Sports just printed this story.

Tonight my wonderful Yankees are playing the Red Sox (yuk) and I am all on fire!You see, curses are BIG in baseball. And a Red Sox fan has just tried to curse the Yankees! These curses are serious business. If you doubt this, just take a look at those Chicago Cubbies. I mean, haven't these guys learned anything??? They go and bury a Red Sox t-shirt exactly where the new visiting player's locker will be in the NEW Yankee Stadium! YES, buried, right into the cement slab! What is this world coming to!

Well, whomever did this, BEWARE! You will have the fate of the Cubs! Yes, the Cubbies are off to a great start this season. BUT you soon will see, the spirit of the Billy Goat will awaken and bring them right to where they belong -- down. This year especially, for at the end of the year last season those dern Cubs fans hung a skinned goat from Harry Carry's statute, as if THAT was gonna break the curse, HA!They acquired nothing, again.

So the same shall go for the Red Sox. GO, go, so far, far - down below.

Yes, the same will be for the RED Sox and the construction guy and the rest of his cohorts. Johnny Damon will be batting up tonight, a Yankee! A-Rod! Matsui! Wang! Posada! Guys go! You may not win tonight, they may even rule the season, but for that little prank -- that curse will not stick...they'll get to the playoffs and choke! How do I know? I little bird from NOLA told me ;0)

Okay, okay -- but all of this is so much fun! Baseball rivalries run deep. I commented on another blog about the run-in I had with Red Sox player Manny Ramirez two years ago at White Sox Park. I was totally razing him and he threw a ball at me!

So, have fun, be spirited and by all means curse and enjoy! It's all in the spirit of the game. (No, I did not keep that ball for fear of it being a curse~ Someone sitting next to me threw it right back!)

Ahhh, tis the season!


Sandra said...

Yeah but look at what Manny did yesterday. Ah to be a member of Red Sox nation. You should be so lucky. All in good fun. :-) Peace

Houseonahill.org said...

YES! What a game ~ even after the rain delay!Manny had the night...Sox came back to smack us hard ;0( Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your games ~ I am so psyched...now if only the weather would break!!!!