March 31, 2008


All across America, mounds are being dusted, hot dogs steamed and kegs are being prepped! With the popcorn a poppin, and the pretzels salted too, another year of baseball is upon us.

The Cubs will continue they're elusive hunt for a World Series win. The Yankees will perform one last season before the historic Yankee stadium from 1923 is torn down. And the White Sox, well, what can be better than "da Sout Side", summer and U.S. Cellular Park????

The Sox will beat the Indians! Yankees will slam the Blue Jays! And all will be well in my world today ~ doesn't take much to make me happy on a rainy cold day in the Chi.



Tamera Daun said...

hehe. I didn't know you liked baseball. I enjoy it as well, although we are not that great in the Pacific Northwest. Go Mariners! (they keep giving our teams weeny names. I don't think it helps). said...

Yeh, my son has me a total sports fanatic!

Well, the Mariners won yesterday...YES Mariners!
Sox had some bad calls that cost them the game and my YANKS play tonight thanks to yesterday's rain~
Matsui, A-Rod, Jeet, Damon, Giambi and the gang give those Blue Jays hell!

Karma by Morgan said...

baseball season is by far my favorite time of the year!

im a huge red sox fan! im so sad I wont be at opening day this year :(

PLAY BALL!!! said...

Cute story...I attended the Red Sox game here is Chicago two years ago and was razzing Manny Ramierez and he threw a ball at me! How cool is that! LOL! good Luck to you and your team...

SSB said...

Hey! Those are my Indians! I love baseball and I miss Cleveland. said...

YES! SORRY! Hey, at least you guys beat us AGAIN! ;0)

Baseball is GREAT, hope you can make it home to Cleveland soon ~
Let's give Cleveland a "SHOUTOUT!"