February 15, 2008

SHOW LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Be sure to send a prayer today here to Illinois ~

There is so much in the news today, I just want to remind us all that we are love.

We can rise above the tragedies we are all facing. We can handle the limitations our planet has made us aware of. We can adapt to the reality of our resources, the economy, and the sheer desperation our youths are expressing ~ but only through patience and love.

We must hold on to the promise. Tomorrow can be a shining comet, a rainbow moment, a sparkling dime, but if we bring down the curtain before the end of the show ~ we miss the opportunity to face the challenge and give it our best.

So, let us challenge each other today to love! Love in the face of darkness for it is the pathway to the light of day ~ Make it a GOOD ONE!

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