February 16, 2008

Ho in the House!

Dan Ho is my ideal life mate. I SO enjoy his episodes. He is funny, hilarious even. He is smart, handsome, fit-minded, I could rant all day about him.

Catching as many segments as possible has assisted me in engraining in my lifestyle the essential need to be free. Maintaining a daily goal of clutter-free, stress-free living has lifted a burden.

It has also assisted in my not carrying a two ton purse. I can move effortlessly through my closet. I have a few cents in my pocket to donate because I am not constantly purchasing another lip-stick, sweater, pair of shoes, or knick nacks.

It is a life-choice and family benefits. Clutter distracts. Feeling closed in causes bickering and misalignment in the house.

I love when Dan says, "Ho in the House"! Laughter is a daily booster as well. Clears the lungs and lowers blood pressure. Seriously!

Dan Ho cooks too!

Often he puts together budget conscious meals that would enlist one in attempting to go through the screen just for a morsel. Not me of course! But I am sure someone has thought about it.

So, check him out if time permits ~ I know I will be enjoying him! Click here to meet HO! When we get married my new name will be Houseonahill Ho! Okay, okay, I quit! I had other commentary on here about Ho's hair, and Don Imus, but we are just going to focus! ~ but by now you all know I love to play with words. Enjoy the Day!


M said...

LOL....love it girl, I wanna be ibeaHO...LMAO "stay happy" Love Mo

Houseonahill.org said...

Thanks Girl,
We'll stay happy together!HoHappiness! Enjoy the day!