February 22, 2008

Fleur de lis ~ Fashions at their finest!

It is NO secret that I LOVE NOLA! AND to love NOLA you have to love the Fleur de lis.

The symbol, which is adorning this blog, and which has taken over NOLA on many levels, has really infected my soul ~ in a good way! Today I would like to introduce you to an entrepreneur who has taken the Fleur de lis to new heights!

The fleur de lis is a symbol that pre-dates New Orleans. It is the design of either a lily or iris and is a well-known icon of France. It is said that King Louis VII carried it as his emblem and that historically it dates as far back as the Merovingian King Clovis, who reportedly wore an Iris flower in his helmet as he rode to victory in a battle.

Nowadays it is synonymous with the New Orleans Saints and everything NOLA.

Our friend Rene Fletcher, Web master, President and CEO of Fleurdelisfashions.com
has accessorized the fleur de lis to fit all of your fashion needs! Seriously!

These items and more can be purchased through the online store at www.Fleurdelisfashions.com!

Read more about Rene here or check back as she we will be our feature for NOLA SUNDAYS!!!!!!!



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