February 14, 2008

Between a Barack and a hard place

Everyone is talking about race, politics and gender. Where does the conscientous black woman voter stand?

Is there any room for me?

I feel left out. I feel closeted. I feel reposed.

I WANT to endorse Barack Obama. I have been scouring blogs, websites, and research for months. I am a former campaign volunteer for Barack Obama's senate campaign. I am from the South Side of Chicago. I SHOULD by all means be on board. I WANT to be ON BOARD! But I just can't!

I must hide in shame. I must cower in the dark.

Like so many other friends have commented, my non-black friends have been congratulating me for months on his successes, assuming I am for him because I am black. I have weighed every strategy, and looked into every aspect I could fathom. I have sent up smoke stacks on every blog I have visited for supporters to PLEASE send concrete evidence as to why he should be supported. I have visited his senate site and have talked with legislators, who are bipartisan, and have no agendas.

I remain unconvinced. Unmoved. Unmotivated. Uninspired. Mad. Maybe I should be happy with the status quo. Maybe I should go with the flow. Maybe I should just fall into alignment. It's not like I WANT to be left behind.

According to Dr Sanjay Gupta, sitting physician on CNN, it's my DNA's fault.

Well, maybe I am result of an alien experiment! But I just do not get all of the reasons WHY folks are supporting Barack Obama? Forsaking, of course, all of the obvious reasons (he's cute, he's an orator, he's a viable candidate-sorry Jesse Sr.) ~ Folks keep saying this is a movement. A civil rights movement? An environmental movement? A political bowel movement? An are-we-just-so-desperate we'll get excited about whatever movement?

I have always been a militant renegade, and always to some detriment. Maybe I should become an independent. Maybe I should leave politics alone. I keep saying that ~ and then I don't ~ I just can't. I am missing something, but I'm not quite sure exactly what it is. Beside its only four years. Or eight. We've had worse. At least everyone else is happy! Okay, THAT will be my mantra. I am hereby embracing everyone elses excitement! I guess.

~ If this were a classified ad I would sign it:

Lonely and Frustrated in the Blogosphere ~ signed the Odd Woman out


Los Angelista said...

I don't think you should have to apologize for not feeling him. If you're not, you're not. I don't like when folks try to pressure other people into liking a particular candidate. If he's not moving you, then he's not. It shouldn't be some sort of indication of how committed or not you are to change or progress.

Houseonahill.org said...

Hey Liz, thanks. You really comforted me ~ I feel bad, I mean haven't we been waiting for this our whole lives! I really never expected to feel this way and really can't explain it, but you are right - if I'm not, I'm not. Anyway thanks for stopping in.

Tamera said...

You need to follow your intuition on this, and NOT feel bad about it. I really am missing his "specifics", and not many are willing to see that up in the applause. Hey, the man is obviously a good man on many levels, but I feel that everyone has their good points.

To be honest, I don't know if I'm that crazy about Hilary either, but I do know one thing (pretty sure at least). The specifics she mentions in her health-care plan (and, she is pretty specific)would work practically. She talks about modernizing in ways that I know as a nurse, HAVE to happen. You have just got to read a book called, "Overtreated" by medical journalist, Shannon Brownlee. I caught it on C-span, and I couldn't rest until I had read it. It was incredible for me to hear Clinton's plans, b/c it almost sounded like she had read this book, and took the REAL problems seriously. Things that the government doesn't tell the public. It was like she really "got" it. Really understood.

Do what's right for you! Right? hehe

Houseonahill.org said...

Thanks Tamera. The more information we can read, the better citizens we are. I always welcome a good read! This way, no matter who gets in we can remain informed and bug our legislators to make sure we fight for what we want as a nation. Especially as women. We need to make sure that women's health, ability to be fairly employed with better means to raise our children (healthcare, daycare, mental heathcare. education, extra curricular)becomes forefront.

However this election pans out, I just pray we become a better nation for ourselves and for the world.

Tamera said...

Exactly! Couldn't agree more! And, that book really is an excellent read. You won't look at things the same ever again, and you will become very aware of how people have been tricked to believe the craziest of ideas. What do we do when we need to trust experts, but get the run-around.

Houseonahill.org said...

Speaking of trusting experts, what about the state of our cattle! We are getting the run-around from the FDA USDA and don't even know the extent of it!

Well put, Tamera, thanks. I think we have a lot of homework to do ~ it just gets uglier! Working to maintain happiness has just become a bit deeper ~ thank goodness I don't eat meat, but my son does from time to time despite my protests!

In the next coming weeks I hope to examine these issues and more in greater detail.