January 17, 2008

A song and a prance

Speaking of favorite things! I don't think I will ever be able to say that phrase again without flipping my tongue!!! Here's why! K.R. Copeland has shared her latest Soundzine pieces and imagine your piece being published and having sound!! The first piece is entitled These are a Few of my Flavor-Lit Things performed by Sarah Stanton.

After the interpretation, I said wheeww!!! Cool! But then I could not stop fluttering my tongue.

The second piece, Wearing a pair of second-hand shoes completely enveloped me. This was wonderfully read by Salli Shepherd. I was completely taken in to the vision. And somehow as the words sounded out, the woman became me. I was prancing about in my mind, experiencing the poem, being totally taken away!

CLICK HERE FOR THE EXPERIENCE Let us know what you think!

(image of K.R. Copeland courtesy of K.R. Copeland)


kr said...

What do I owe you, House?

LOL...Seriously, I'm delighted you decided to follow-up. I'm very pleased with the way my pieces in Soundzine turned out. Sarah Stanton's voice and interpretation are both above par, making my written work seem all the better.

Same goes for Salli Shepard...if I could bottle her voice, I would in a moment!

Thanks again for the mention!

Happy reading, writing and peace.


voggutta said...

Thanks so much for your comment! And yes, please do spread the word about Free Rice! :)