January 9, 2008

I have finally put away the last of the Xmas paraphernalia. But all of the beautiful cards I received are still taped on the wall, and this morning I was just standing there re-reading them. It is so nice to be loved! And quite thankfully, I try to stay in touch with everyone all year, so it's just really nice to know that they also think of me during the holidays.

But now I guess it is time to run into the year full force. I am suffering from lethargy. Having had a few days off work, the rigors of my usual schedule are starting again. My laxed yoga routine has been put in full force! Been eating lots of salad, veggies, water! I feel good! What about you!

Come on now, June is right around the corner. We can do this! We can make this the best year ever!

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