December 15, 2007

****Christmastime in New York City****

photo courtesy of Mario Page

My cousin loves me. He really does. I am poor. I am cheap. AND I am technically challenged, SO whenever he goes on his adventures to report the news, he takes pictures for me. I love him too. When we were little we used to play G.I. Joe, and swim, and laugh and giggle. He was my friend and he still is. He is talented and very good at what he does.

He won't let me interview him yet, so I will just be happy soliciting for pictures.
I hope he goes to Aruba soon, OR maybe Paris, France! But for now New York is fine with me! I've always wanted to spend Christmas in New York...maybe next year!

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating in New York photo courtesy of Mario Page

Christmas In New York City!!! photo courtesy of Mario Page

That's all I have to say about that ~ Forrest Gump
( I like quoting Forrest Gump now and again, don't ask me why, I just do! )

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KR said...

These photos are, in a word, wonderful! I'm especially drawn to the richness and vibrancy of the top photo. I've always wanted to visit NYC, but I, like you, House, have never been. Thanks to Mario's pictures, I now feel like I know the city just a bit more intimately. I hope he'll share more of his photos in the future, and possibly even provide an interview!!!