December 4, 2007


I guess you are all aware by now who our "Friends On Friday" guest will be this week! BUT what you don't know is that Kelly Madigan Erlandson has awesome news to share with us this morning. Just announced today!Check it out!National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship

CONGRATULATIONS Kelly Madigan Erlandson, receipient of 2008's Literature Fellowship, the Arts Endowment's most direct investment in America's creativity, encouraging the production of new work and allowing writers the time and means to write. We will be featuring more work by Kelly tomorrow to celebrate!


kr said...

A hearty congratulations from me too, Kelly! That's one impressive achievement!!!!

Cheryl said...

Kelly, that's wonderful! You are so on a roll!

Kelly in Nebraska said...

Thank you, Kim and Cheryl. I really appreciate your kind words.

Now, how about you two go on to win next year's fellowship, in poetry?