November 1, 2007

Why, America, Why????

PLEASE be sure to catch, share, discuss,communicate and thoroughly digest tonight's CNN broadcast of "The Noose:An American Nightmare". It airs tonite, November 1, 2007 8 ET.Check your local listings for CNN broadcast.

I can not fathom how any civilized society can continue without aggressive campaigns to fully inform their youth of the hateful mistreatment its own citizens endured the last 200 years. The complete and utter disdain the human body has known at the hands of fellow Americans is surreal. This is one of the reasons this Iraq war has pained me so. We as Americans have subjected our own citizens to far worse Saddam Hussein-like (did I mention worse) atrocities, with no one to come and reconcile. Many Americans, including many students, have no idea what a lynching is comprised of. How can we prevent history from repeating itself if we do not make an impression on the majority with the details, the murderous images, and a vocalization of the facts.

Statistics show that we really are a less violent world per number of people. I am fully knowledgeable, historically, as to what has occurred throughout time. Violence has maintained its prevalence in order to secure dominance. It just feels so bad bearing witness to these occurrences, and being a result of ones control over another. What America did to itself these last two hundred years, with no retribution, no acknowledgement or apology and no profound implementation of future prevention, is a really sad message of how far we will go in our treatment of each other. This resurgence of the "noose" sends a message that we really need to pay attention to home. The genocide of our past has never been properly dealt with and much discussion needs to take place. Let's all do our part. I am sure that if we all really love America, this will be a movement of love and support and grace.

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Anonymous said...

Caught the show last night. It was graphic, almost unbearably so. The images throughout the program as well as the interpretive historical presentation were disturbing beyond belief. The men; stripped, whipped, lynched, and castrated, the women; dragged through town, raped then hanged, the burning corpses…the smiling onlookers (which included children)…the pure unadulterated multi-generational hate…the disheartening resurgence of such occurrences…the show’s a real eye-opener. An excruciatingly painful yet powerful account of America’s rancid past, precarious present, and unforetold future…