November 11, 2007


Saturday, November 10, 2007
Led by the Warren Easton Marching Band, a line of streetcars rolls down St. Charles Avenue from Napoleon to Lee Circle as RTA officials held a ceremonial run celebrating the return of streetcar service starting Sunday on this stretch of the line which has been shut down since Katrina.


Top to bottom: Photo of Riverfront Streetcar Line, "New" Canal Streetcar Line (images from, Canal Street (personal collection)

This weekend the St. Charles Line Streetcar returned to run through part of its Uptown route. Its service had been virtually uninterrupted since its inception in 1893. According to, Jyl Benson, the beautiful olive green cars that service the historic line today were built by Perly A. Thomas Car Company in 1923. They were refurbished most recently in 1994.

Anyone who has ever been to New Orleans knows these rides are both relaxing and are tastes of the past. You can feel in the breeze, as the ride jumbles your insides full of chicory and beignets, the flavor and richness of this gentile, luxurious town. I am sure you are planning to go soon, so be sure to catch a lift...maybe to the edge of the Vieux Carre, down St. Charles or if you are not careful, right back into history. Enjoy!

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