October 7, 2007

Think Globally ~ Think Hard ~ Think Together ~ MONTAGE!

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Radio personality Tom Joyner may be the "Hardest Working Man" on the radio, but his callers should put their thinking caps on! Or maybe he should encourage his listeners to not only listen to the great subjects he brings to our ears, but investigate and stay informed.

Typically, I let ignorance slide, but Tom Joyner's Morning Show is a nationally syndicated program. It airs here in Chicago mornings on 102.7 fm. Friday, I was awakened to the ongoing Clinton OR Obama debate. I am sure I do not need to preface that these campaigns, the upcoming election and its political climate is more important than any in my life time. Therefore, I am vigilant when listening to any comments and all responses. We must keep in mind, not only is our way of life at stake but our very existence.

Poo-pooing the state of the climate change and our effect on the world with our foreign policy views should be bipartisan.

At any rate, this female caller phoned in to say that it was her opinion that we should not support Hillary Clinton in the primary because-- the "Bush's and the Clinton's are in cahoots." The caller went on to say "See how Clinton (Bill) and Bush Sr. are running around together? They all in cahoots!" The caller went on for a few minutes reiterating that she was voting for Obama because she just could not stand how Clinton and Bush could be friends. It just didn't sit right with her etc.

Well, I say all of this to you today because I know this woman is a victim of a media blitz. In her minds eye, she has informed herself by watching local news, and all she has gotten from that is images of George H. W Bush and William Jefferson Clinton walking around, taking photo ops and patting each other on the back. She obviously had never listened to anything they were walking around for, and to make matters worse, she probably has not listened intently to anything that has been said by anyone of substance these past twenty-four months.

People, please read everything you can get your hands on. This important concept was brought up on one of my favorite participatory sites (Shelfari.com). It is imperative that we as contributors to society peruse a full spectrum of global opinions and not fall victim to biased news.

Getting back to that caller from TJMS(Tom Joyner Morning Show); the fact is the Bush/Clinton effort can not be applauded enough. It is the only sane comprehensive occurrence I have seen from this president. Two families putting aside their differences for the common good of the globe is an awesome show of force.

It is no secret that I LOVE Bill Clinton, but in all fairness, I am examining all aspects of issues concerning where my introspection should be.

Had the caller done any due diligence she would know that the Bush Clinton alliance formed the BushClintonKatrinaFund.org after Hurricane Katrina and the South Asian Tsunami. Their combined efforts as of July 31,2007 raised "more than $130 million dollars. According to the BushClintonKatrinaFund.org website, the contributions are as follows:

* $30 million dollars to higher education throughout the globe
* $40 million dollars to assist the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in rebuilding and recovery efforts.
* $25 million dollars to interfaith houses of worship
* $35 million dollars to other health, housing, education and community needs

Clearly this caller has not been to any of these areas or she'd know that even with all of this given there is still great need.

Had the caller investigated, even just beyond her television screen, just a little, she would know that these efforts have helped hundreds of thousands of people of all races and classes and faiths, with hundreds of thousands more still to go.

Formulating alliances despite diversity, in my opinion, is an extraordinary accomplishment.

So, choose whom you may in this upcoming election. Many people have died so that we may do just that! The abundant list of candidates is such a good thing. We have a lot of time to research each and every one! They all have something to offer. They each have stories worth reading about, listening to and even going to see them when they are in your town. Look into their voting records. Look into their voting attendance. Find out their allegiances, their prospectives, their abilities. Can they bridge the gaps made by this current administration? What are their charitable connotations? Do their footprints leave a path well trodden? Which groups did they speak or not speak to? Why? Who will be their enemies?

Do not make villain of one candidate based on illusions presented by one media chain. We have the opportunity to make an informed decision, so take the time. Take part, envisage and make it a dream. A dream of global commitment and concern that can lengthen far beyond a political schematic...it can be birthed alive, it can thrive.


Visit www.BushClintonKatrinaFund.org for more information.
Check out Npr.org
Check out Worldnetdaily.com
Check out democracynow.org

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