August 31, 2007

One Blog at a time

I am still stuck on the Michael Vick story; in addition to The Senator Larry Craig Story. I was hinting at Senator Craig's allegations yesterday, and I remain just so outraged today. We, as a society, enjoy being in people's homes, in their bedrooms, and in their minds all without examining human formulation. Or, what's worse, examining what's in our own boudoir. What makes people, all people, do the things they do? We are really pushing toward a society that is going to be George Orwell's "1984" in the 21st century. A society where there is no room for privacy and no room for mistakes. What's ever more frightful is, who will be the determining agency -- or "Thought Police" if you will. As depicted in "1984", our government has installed cameras within the urban areas on every corner. They are in front of every ATM and in all the stores. Bathrooms will be next. These underground worlds, that have thrived so long, have no choice but to surface. These lifestyles are breaking through the ground with lightening speed. All of those formerly discreet, all-too-frequent sought after sex/corruption/dank occurrences, that have been in play for decades, can no longer hide. We have all known they existed, but now we gasp, as if we are so appalled.

I, in no way, condone sex in bathrooms with strangers, or any other illicit acts, but people don't just wake up and go to a rest room seeking sex with whomever is defecating in the next stall! They have histories of sexual deviance. So is it really our jobs as constituents, media hounds, late-night news anchors to humiliate these offenders? These practices have gone on for years and years! And when the next day dawns, we run to read who else is being exposed.

Well, I became angry today because I was listening to a satellite radio program whose host was commenting on the Michael Vick story. This women is a person of color, but who had a much more conservative upbringing than Mr. Vick. She was hullabaloo-ing about how awful the story is, and "how cruel" the acts were. I could only think that: with all of your "Angel-network-having capabilities", why aren't you in the inner city affecting inner city youths' thought patterns? Inner city mentality does not revolve around moral compass or etiquette! In fact, it revolves around primal basic need being met. Consuming anything to be fed. Saying anything to be heard. Having sex to quash desire. Do anything because you can.

Why aren't these folks of high standards coming out of South Africa and going into Detroit? Animal Planet has shown us for years that young black men house dogs for fighting and it is a social occurrence much as a visit to a community center or a visit to the country club would be. People assume that we all think alike. We don't.

There are scores of people who don't feed their children at sit down meals and ask them about their day in the less fortunate environments that many, many people live. So if that child happens to make it out and become a NFL football player, who is there to say, "Hey, most people with dignity eat at the table and converse about their day." "By the way, you shouldn't fight your dogs. The class you are now in doesn't do that, they kiss their dogs and buy them clothes. You could be looked at as a bad person by this group." Or if that child, who has been sexually abused, or left to develop deviant sexual behavior grows up to become a senator, who is there to say, "Hey, I know back in Idaho you used to hang out in that rest stop on route so-and-so, but now that you are a senator, you should really stop that."

In Senator Craig's case, maybe he was so ignored, or left to fend for himself that he developed these sexually deviant tendencies and no one ever addressed them. Sure it's embarrassing. Sure it is not the norm. It is offensive and reprehensible, but he
is not alone.

Who is blameless? Who is beyond reproach? How can society find a way to make everyone the way that we think we are? How can we actually achieve the moral standards that we so mightily profess? How do we clean out the closets of our lives?
How do we help our peers live better, more healthy, and more happy? My guess would be one blog at a time.

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