August 14, 2007


Just when you think you may have a handle on this being happy thing, the Universe gives you an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. The challenges we face can be so overwhleming. I often wonder if I am not being contemplative enough.
Propelling yourself forward is an awesome task, and sometimes so is breathing.

Then there is love. Love of ones family, friends, offsprings and lovers. We can all be so needy. We can all be so vain. We quite easily fall into the all encomposing --all indulgent "ME" syndrome. We feel wronged. We feel ignored. We feel neglected. We feel inpatience in the inability to get life to move where we want it.

How do we reconcile ourselves into being more productive outside of ourselves when things are not the way we want them? I don't have the answer to that one yet. I am confident enough to share that I may never know that answer. And maybe I shouldn't want to. These stuggles keep me fresh. Challenges keep us thinking, scheming and progressing.

Someone emailed a religious chain-mail today that struck me, (not easy to do, I too can be synical!) and it related two rooms full of people and a pot of delicious stew who could only eat with unbending arms from long wooden spoons. One room had been described as "Hell". This room had malnourished unhappy folk who would fill up their spoons and spend all of their time trying to navigate with their long spoons and unbending arms. The other room was the utopia. The occupants were fat and laughing and sharing. They had thought enough to feed each other, thus finding happiness in their situation. Hmmm.

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