October 15, 2007


Sir Phillip Anthony Hopkins was born December 31, 1937. He is crossing this page because I happened to catch an interview featuring him last night. While I have loved him since I first saw him back in 1977 in the horror flick "Audrey Rose", I have never really captured a glimpse of the man. I have seen other interviews but in this Bravo excerpt I was able to recall why I love him so much and why his performance as Elliot Hoover still haunts me. I must then include every other performance I have watched as well because he is just that phenomenal. He is a haunting presence, and also one filled with subtlety and goodness. I can not speak on all of his life's journeys, but I can account for what I was able to dig up in conjunction with what I felt from his spirit. His spirit last night came across as a man of peace and sublime consciousness.

Born in Margam, Port Talbot, Wales, dyslexic, and encouraged by Richard Burton at 15 and thereafter Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Anthony Hopkins has lived quite the varied life. He said something last night that I would like to share with you. It was his final comment as he was expounding on why you need to give life all you've got and "let the pieces fall where they may" ( a quote he uttered in "Meet Joe Black"...
He said "We are totally powerless, and that's the great comfort." Once you've set your life in motion, and prepared, and kept your nose to the grind, what is meant for you will surely come. You must be open to the gift.

You do all you can and move on. This was such a comfort to me personally. We would all love to map, and take stock, and keep things as close to script as possible. But in the end, we are really powerless to the Great All Encompassing. We don't have the final say. We can only be our best. Do our best. Give our best...and as Sir Anthony Hopkins said in the final scene of "Meet Joe Black", "It's hard to let go isn't it? Well, that's life - what can I tell you?"

DO YOU TODAY! ( A line I stole from Russell Simmons)and you will Love your life ~ Ups and Downs and ALL!!

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